[PodCTL – Containers | Kubernetes | OpenShift] – PodCTL #15 – Security: Identity Management, RBAC, Authentication and Authorization

Overview: Brian and Tyler continue their focus on Security with Marc Boorshtein (@mlbiam, CTO of @tremolosecurity), discussing Identity Management, Container and Kubernetes Authorization and Authentication, RBAC, and how IT teams evolve to manage security in more agile environments.

Show Notes:

Topic 1 – Let’s talk about User authentication in Kubernetes>

  • Certificate Authentication

  • OpenID Connect

  • Reverse Proxy

Topic 2 – Let’s dig into the various types of Authorizations

  • Overview of RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)
Mapping of Roles to Users and Groups

  • Organizational Challenges

Topic 3 – Given that various people (Devs & Ops) interact with dashboards, how do we manage that Authentication?

Topic 4 – How are organizations evolving to keep up with this more agile form of software development and the associated security challenges?



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