[PodCTL – Containers | Kubernetes | OpenShift] – PodCTL #16 – Day to Day Kubernetes Operations

Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about CNCF Kubernetes Conformance, OpenShift 3.7 GA, and some common questions about day-to-day operations with Kubernetes.

Show Notes:

Topic 1 – How do you deploy the underlying compute resources that are used as Nodes in a Kubernetes cluster?

Topic 2 – If a Kubernetes environment has to scale, how do you grow out the computing (or other) resources?

Topic 3 – When a new version of Kubernetes comes out, how do you manage to upgrade the environment?

Topic 4 – What are the common things that the Ops team is tracking, monitoring, measuring in a Kubernetes environment?

Topic 5 – What are some things that have changed, from an operational perspective, because a Container/Kubernetes environment and previous technologies (e.g. VMs)?



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