Google Moves In-House Desktop Distro from Ubuntu to Debian

In recent weeks Google’s quiet announcement that they’re moving internally from a Ubuntu based distro (Goobuntu) to Debian (gLinux) has gotten some attention. The source of the information was a presentation by Google Engineer and Debian developer Margarita Manterola at Debconf17 back in August of 2017.

We know that Google’s Goobuntu used a customized version Ubuntu LTS in the past and believe from the presentation that gLinux will be based on Debian Testing. We’ve also heard that they have a nicely automated desktop management using PXE boot and Puppet.

Being that gLinux is an internal only product details are scarce leading to some speculation that this may have something to do with Google’s Fuchsia OS. But we’re thinking that Google may have just gotten to a level of automation and customization that just makes it easier to maintain on top of a Debian base rather than Ubuntu which has seen a number of big changes in 2017.


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