[PodCTL – Containers | Kubernetes | OpenShift] – PodCTL #31 – Reviewing Kubernetes 1.10

Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the Kubernetes v1.10 release, new features and how they can apply to a broad set of application, security and infrastructure use-cases.

Show Notes:

We discussed some of the new features (Stable, Beta and Alpha) from the Kubernetes 1.10 release. We don’t cover every new feature, but we tried to hit the highlights. 

Topic 1 – API aggregation is stable

Topic 2 – Container Storage Interface (CSI) – Standardized Storage Support

Topic 3 – A replacement for kube-dns

Topic 4 – GPUs and Expanded support for Performance-Sensitive Workloads

Topic 5 – Pod Security Policy

Topic 6 – Adding Identity to Containers (not just pods)



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